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RFID Livestock Husbandry Management Solution

Goldbridge and a county government from Guizhou Province, discuss RFID livestock husbandry management solutions together.

On December 28, a few county government official from Guizhou Province came to Goldbridge headquarter to discuss solutions for RFID livestock husbandry management, which uses RFID products and technologies to trace livestock products. 

The county government officials from Guizhou Province and Goldbridge Chairman Mrs. Jiang, R & D center related technician attended this meeting, which focused on RFID livestock husbandry management solution. 

Goldbridge R & D Center elaborates the application of RFID in animal husbandry and states that the intelligent system can track and control the feeding, transportation and slaughtering processes of animals and other livestock husbandry. In particular, the outbreak can be traced back, to manage the livestock husbandry better. Goldbridge introduced a series of diverse hardware devices and RFID software to provide comprehensive, real-time information for management. 


Goldbridge also makes a comprehensive explanation of the advantages of using RFID in livestock management: 
1. Automatic Identification: The realization of animal identification code, making staff easily get an animal growth, disease, quarantine, transport status as long as using the handheld devices through the system. 

2. Efficient trace ability: The system tracks the entire life cycle of an animal throughout the entire process, records every link and back up the data centrally to an information management center. Once there is an accident, the system will automatically source the animal origin, facilitating management analysis. 

3. Convenience: System centralized management of fully electronic data, making a lot of data finding work done by the server, saving a lot of labour and events, so that the response to events can speed up. 

4. Security: The system uses a new generation RFID animal tag in Shenzhen Goldbridge, the RFID animal tag is designed for animals, with fast identify response time, low failure rate, which can ensure the safety of tag identification links, timeliness and stability, the other side, we use high-performance and fault-tolerant system server, so that we can ensure the server's high stability, security and network transmission speed, in order to achieve real-time system transmission, to ensure the timeliness of information. 

5. Raise the level of management: centralized management, distributed control; regulate the supervision and management, reduce unnecessary links, making the first incident emergency can reach the top management, making the incident can be handled in a timely manner. 

6. System Scalability: Taking into account the future development trend and the promotion of information technology, system design can be easily achieved the expansion of the system.