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Item Outgoing And Borrowing Management Solution

1. Solution Overview 
According to the actual needs of customers, this solution is aimed at all the borrowable management in two warehouses for the storage of the leading items. Binding each item into the backstage, the storage binding and out of storage use can be proceeded through RFID technology. 

2. Structure Introduction 
(1) Item bound by RFID tag


there is an operation computer in the gate of the warehouse. The UHF desktop reader is connected to the computer through an USB port, which is mainly used to bind the new product through the rfid tag at the time of storage. All subsequent goods that need to be management will be represented by RFID tag. 

(2) Item reception process 

items with a box as the smallest unit is placed on the sleeve after the completion of binding. In the following, if the staff need items, he can walk flexible in the warehouse with a UHF handheld reader and go to read the rfid tag on the item, click to mark the goods being accepted. This process may involve the handheld software development,and the specific situation needs to be refined. 

(3) Item return process 

Return process and receive process: the receipient return the goods to the general management, the administrator opens the return interface through the PDA, and fast scanning the rfid tag number of the returned goods by handheld. Choosing the number, counting and confirming, then the whole borrow to return process is completed.