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Medical waste is extremely hazardous and needs to be handled with care as it is transported from medical institutions to the final licensed waste processing site.
Strict legislation has also been put in place to ensure that healthcare risk waste is not only disposed of in the safest most efficient manner but that clear records exist of each container during the disposal cycle.

Hospitals deal with hazardous medical waste on a daily basis, therefore a comprehensive system is necessary to manage and dispose of it safely and efficiently.

Goldbridge medical waste disposal solution based on RFID technology is specially designed to achieve real time visibility into all movements of medical waste in a practical and cost-effective manner. It provides proof-of-delivery and receipt as well as location tracking and activity records to ensure the integrity of medical waste disposal.

The RFID solution to medical waste disposal prevents illegal waste disposal by creating a traceability system for medical waste.

Sealed waste containers are tagged to keep track of the container movements, ensuring that potentially hazardous waste is not compromised en route to the waste management plant from the hospital.

At the disposal point, the RFID tags automatically transmit information such as the arrival time quantity and weight of waste back to the hospital for accountability.

Hazardous Medical Waste Manifest System
RFID Based Transport Vehicle Management System
Electronic Locking System
Video Surveillance System
GPS Tracking System
Medical Waste Verification System
Visualization Platform for supervising Center
Data Application Platform
RFID Hardware and Software

Hazardous Medical Waste Manifest System provides easily maintained medical waste disposal records.
Easy management and tracking of transport vehicles
Video surveillance
Provide real time visibility into the medical waste and its container
Enable rapid tracking of the medical waste containers and fast response to the illegal medical waste disposal.
Easy access to statistics and other information of medical waste disposal

Goldbridge RFID solution to medical waste disposal delivers immediate and long-term benefits:
Easy access to information of medical waste disposal via Internet service
Integrates multiple automatic data capture technologies simultaneously (RFID, GPS sensor etc.)
Highly scalable open architecture
Real-time visibility in medical waste container movement ensures faster response
Minimizes employee exposure to potentially hazardous medical waste